Need Help: 16:9 HDTV vs. 4:3 HDTV – high-def quality?

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    With a 16:9 high-def 1080i t.v. signal from a cable box, how noticeable is the difference in picture quality between a 30” HDTV 16:9 and a 32” HDTV 4:3?

    In this scenario the 30” 16:9 would of course use the full screen, and the 32” 4:3 would use vertical compression to letterbox the high-def signal. But, as some of you may know, the actual total square inch viewing area would be only 15 sq. inches larger on the 30” 16:9 set. Both sets have 800 lines of resolution.

    Not knowing, I would think the 30” 16:9 would at least somewhat better quality than the compressed/letterboxed picture, but how much better?

    I have the same question for widescreen DVD using progressive scan on both sets. FYI, I’m trying to decide between 2 Samsung “TXM97HF” models. Thanks.
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    It also depends on how much scan line overlap is introduced when the squeeze is invoked. Overlapping blurs detail ...

    But of course your 4:3 material is considerably larger on 32" than on the 30" which is now about 26"

    You have to figure out your priorities when it comes to watching TV. How much 16:9 material versus 4:3 material and does size matter?


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