Need good recommendations for PC cooling solutions and power supplies.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm in the process of putting my new system together. So far I have the epox 8k7a+ mobo and am getting the 1.4g athlon along with. I have a full tower with 6 5 1/2 inch bays and a 300 watt power supply. My question is this...What would you guys recommend for cooling. What is a good cooling system. I plan to overclock the system but need some recommendations. Also anyone have a good recommendation for a quality power supply. The one the case brings seems good but I prefer to have a top quality one. Any help is appreciated.
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    PC Power and Cooling
    Excellent power supplies. I've been using them for years. Extra quiet units available.
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    As for cooling, the answer lies in the case itself. My current case has 8 fans in it. The air gets sucked in from the front, blows right past the CPU and blows it out the back. You're not going to find one of these for $30. though.
    (Somebody still needs to come out with a minature refrigeration system that runs on 12vdc. They'd make a fortune.) [​IMG]
    If you're changing the power supply, make sure that it fits, and I did hear of a PS that had the fan mounted backwards, so the air blew into it, and not out.
    As an alternative, you could buy a fan(s) and some small brackets from a hardware store and mount a fan a few inches awawy from the CPU.
    As for the fan noise, (if it matters), most fans do make some noise (about 40+-db), but they do have them out that run about 30db, and the difference is very noticable, but could run about $20 apiece.
    Have fun

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