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Need good mix CD

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Van Patton, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Van Patton

    Van Patton Second Unit

    Jun 27, 2001
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    Has anybody made a really good mix CD that really stands out?? I thought of this today as I was standing in Hollister Company in the mall and they had a bunch of really good classic rock/ new age Strokes/Vines/Hives music playing. I like any kind of music except country that's meant to be taken seriously.
  2. Brian Bunn

    Brian Bunn Second Unit

    Oct 26, 1998
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    I recently made a mix CD that I entitled "shorties BUT GOODIES - A Tribute To The Three Minute (or less) Pop Song".
    26 tunes from 26 bands/artists of the catchy pop song variety...most of which (I am sorry to say) many here will have never heard of. But don't let that fool ya...most of the best stuff few have heard.
    The Lineup:
    1. Hey, Hey - The Elms (These righteous dudes rock!)
    2. I Should Never Have Let You Know - Matthew Sweet (the Energizer Bunny of pop)
    3. Guess I Got A Girl - Adam Daniel (an overlooked gem)
    4. Good To Me - Brendan Benson (2nd best album so far this year)
    5. My Monkey Made A Man Out Of Me - Candy Butchers (Best album so far this year)
    6. Last To Know - Neil Finn (best pop tunesmith...ever!)
    7. Trust - Steve Ward (It's a shame so few have heard of him)
    8. Nothing Gives Me Pleasure - Josh Rouse (emerging artist)
    9. I'm Gonna Be The Lonely Boy Tonight - Cherry Twister (Steve Ward's band)
    10. Hello - Sugarbomb (one of the best power pop albums of 2001)
    11. While You Spiral - The Waxwings (from truly a pop/rock masterpiece of an album)
    12. Denise - Fountains Of Wayne (from one of the best albums of the 90's)
    13. Silver Dollar Sunday - The Lolas (a pure pop pleasure)
    14. Death of the Alphabet - Schatzi (rocking little tune from a rocking little album)
    15. Bittersweet - The Drowners (a band few know but everyone should)
    16. Silver Shifter - Tsar (another tragically overlooked album)
    17. A Stitch In Time - The Supers (Canada's newest best pop band!)
    18. Elodie - David Mead (his album "Mine and Yours" is a must)
    19. About You - Teenage Fanclub (Brit popsters keep chuggin' along)
    20. This Time - Starbelly (check out there great new album)
    21. #1 - Star Collector (one great album then...gone)
    22. I'm Alright - Owsley (came out of nowhere a few years ago)
    23. A Fine Line - The Merrymakers (one of Sweden's best)
    24. Highschool - The Flashing Lights (one of Canada's best)
    25. C'mon, C'mon - Gigolo Aunts (catchy as all get out!)
    26. Have A Nice Day - Stereophonics (another great band from Britain)
    Pure Pop Nirvana!
    If interested let me know...I know where you may be able to pick up a copy...free.[​IMG]

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