Need fast help for choosing a rental projector!

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    Ok, this isn't quite home theater, but I'm sure that you guys know a lot more than projectors than I do. Here's the deal: On Saturday, I'm going to be showing a video to about 300-400 people in a local theater. The problem is that the theater doesn't have a video projector, so I'm going to need to rent one. If I place the projector at the front of the balcony, the distance from the screen is 75 feet. From what I've gathered it seems like a lens for this task will be very expensive. So now I'm looking at just getting a regular projector. The screen size is about 20-25 feet across and it will be showing in a dark room. Can anyone give me advice on a good projector to get for this? How many lumens should the projector be? Also, how far away will the projector end up being if it's going to be showing an image this large? Thanks for the help!

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    Side question. Where are you going to rent the projector from and what kind of selection do they have. I am ssuming that if I start naming off some projectors, they may not have them.

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