Need expert TV repair advice - please help (JVC 32" flatscreen)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Brendan M., Oct 11, 2003.

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    Please forgive the length of this post...

    My problem is that I have a 32" flatscreen JVC model AV-32F703 which I wish I had never purchased. I recommend everyone stay away from this model because it has many problems (screen tilt, moire, won't hold color settings)

    I'm on my second replacement. Have had the current set for almost a year now. It has a severe (in my opinion) moire problem that appears as a faint circle with wavy lines all the way around the perimeter of my screen. It is more noticable in darker environments and while watching darker material (its hard to see during the daytime, but impossible to ignore if you know its there). When the action on the screen slowly pans left or right, the entire side of the screen gets blurry until the camera stops moving.

    Now, I've ignored this issue for almost a year because I was just too lazy to call BB for a repairman and I didn't want to go through the hassle. Finally, I called and they sent a guy out today. He came in, first thing he said was "why does it look so washed out? Where's your remote?" I handed him the remote and he proceeded to destroy my carefully Avia-calibrated settings by bumping the contrast, color, tint, and bright to almost twice where I had them. Then he asked what the problem was. After grinding my teeth I told him about the wavy lines arount the outer edges of the screen. He looked at the glaringly bright, over-colored screen, shrugged and said "I don't see it". I proceeded to explain that in changing the settings (making them extra bright) to where I didn't want them, he had made it even more difficult to see the moire lines. He said that's where the factory says they should be, and if the problem isn't apparent when the set is at its factory settings, then there isn't anything wrong with it. When I told him he messed up my settings, he told me not to use Avia-calibration type products because the people who make those things "obviously don't know anything about televisions or else they would be making tv's themselves". After that bit of stupidity I wasted about 30 minutes arguing with him about how my TV really does have a very noticable problem and how factory settings are set high to attract people on the salesfloor, and he just continued giving one dumb answer after another. Finally he left, telling me to get a second opinion if I wanted, or call the manufacturer. There was nothing he could do for me. I think he actually looked at the television screen for a total of maybe 30 seconds the whole time he was with me.

    Now, I have the 4 year extended service warranty that I got through BB for $100 bucks and JVC covered the set for one full year. I just got a notice that my JVC coverage will expire in two weeks. What would make me most happiest right now is if I could go back to BB and have them exchange the set for a Toshiba or Sony that is around the same price point as my model is selling for right now. However, I know that this probably won't happen because their technician says there is nothing wrong. If I call JVC, their warrenty runs out in two weeks, and I know the problem won't be resolved within that time, so I'll wind up dishing out another $80 for another year of warrenty coverage. I don't know what to do. Should I call the BB service line and ask for another technician and get a 'second opinion'? Even if he acknowledges the problem, would he be able to fix it, or is it a manufacturer's defect? Bottom line is I want a better set from a different manufacturer or some serious satisfaction from JVC. Could someone please advise me on how to proceed? I'm not very good at 'demanding satisfaction' from stores or manufacturers, but I'm really unhappy now.

    Thanks for reading,
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    you could call up a tech from a repair store. obviously it will cost you money.

    i have a 36" JVC Flat screen tv, model av36-p903
    I have purity problems and had a tech come out and he told me he would have to order me a new tube.

    seems like that tech was a waste of time.

    Another reason i rarely shop at BB, poooooor customer service. i only go to best buy for movies, blank cd's.

    get a 2nd opinion.
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    On the other hand, some sets have more of moire problem by virtue of design issues, and your JVC may be one of them.

    It is generally a waste of time, as you found out, to use the "services" of a tech from a big-box chain store. These people are not home theater-savvy.

    AVIA, as you know, was created by experts.

    Don't know what to suggest other than to call JVC directly, explaining in detail everything that has happened. But the problem may very well be that the unit is simply performing as best it can.

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