Need Everything, $5K, What to buy?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Patrick Larkin, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Hi -

    I need a whole new HT setup for a newly renovated room. Basement area with no windows.

    I'm leaning towards a Panasonic 65" plasma so that leaves around $3,000 for receiver, 5.1 speaker setup, blu-ray, Tivo. Naturally, I wouldn't mind spending less.

    I haven't bought any new gear lately and am not sure what to buy. All the specialty AV stores in my area have closed. I used to buy Denon stuff but now I see their stuff in Best Buy so I'm not sure if they still make good stuff. My speakers are currently Paradigm Titans but I don't have any stores that sell Paradign any longer. I have no idea what kind of speakers to buy either.

    I'm leaving my options open for front projection down the road. But I think this room will get a lot of use with the lights on while the display in use. I did have conduit and electricity run for a future projector if I decide to go that route.

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    As a long time member, have you check out the current lineup from SVS for speakers and sub? The Pioneer VSX-1020 has been getting a lot of talk lately and I'm a huge Pioneer fan. Blu-ray = Oppo. Since DirecTV dropped their TiVo contract, I really haven't followed them. For the latest and greatest info, check out
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    Definitive Technology makes excellent home theater speakers in different price ranges. Check out their ProCinema 1000 system. It is clean and powerful, with deep bass. You can add additional surrounds if you want 6 or 7.1. Onyo's flagship AV receiver brand is called Integra. The DTR 40.2 matches well with the ProCinema 1000 system. The Sony PS3 is still one of the best Blu-ray players out there. It only does... everything. These three systems will run you @$2500, leaving you enough for a decent TV. You should consider one of the Mitsubishi DLP TV's. They are a great buy for the money, are large, produce a very good picture and do 3D, which the PS3 supports. Buy a few pairs of 3D glasses and welcome to the future... if you purchase DLP-link glasses for use with the Mitsubishi, you will be able to use the same glasses with your future front projector (which are all now DLP)

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