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    Hi folks:My Dad passed away a few weeks ago and as you can imagine is very difficult.While he was in the hospital,I gained a much better understanding for pallative care.I was amazed how comfortable my Dad was at this very sad time.To the end,he never complained about how he was feeling.My wife is a fantastic quilter and together,we thought that we could give to the pallative care unit a wallhanging in his memory for them to raffle off and the money raised could be used to purchase something that they could use,such as a pain pump or a pallative care mattress.We wanted something unique for the wallhanging.Cape Breton roots is imbedded in coal mining.This is where I need help...I need some drawings of a coal miners hat with lantern or pick and shovel to incorporate into the hanging and neither one of us can draw very well and I haven't seen any pics that were usable.Can anyone here post some drawings that perhaps we could use.Thanks in advance.
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    Sheldon - that sounds like a wonderful idea! I can't help with the design but I hope you are able to find a good one. I'm sure the hospital will appreciate your and your wife's contribution. [​IMG]

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