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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by RobertJohn, Feb 26, 2005.

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    I'm new to this forum and would appreciate some advice from the experts who gather here. Many years ago ( mid-1970's ) I acquired two Mcintosh ML-2M speakers. They were professionally refoamed about 15 years ago and sound as good or better than when they were new. I'm upgrading my home theater stuff from some rather basic pieces, and want it to sound well with the Macs. I know I don't need a Sub as the four 12 inchers in the Macs do a fine job. But I want the center to work well with them. Do I need to get a center from Mcintosh, or is there another brand that I should listen to ?
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    hi and welcome to HTF [​IMG]

    it's very much recommended that you get a center that matches your fronts in tone - this is so that you don't hear/feel a change when the sound pans across the front soundstage (as often happens in a movie)

    It could be possible that Macintosh did not manufacture a matching center back when they did the ML-2Ms, maybe one from the same range of speakers might do the trick.

    Having said that however, I've used a different (manufacturer) center from my fronts - the tone is somewhat similar - and while I can hear the difference when running the pink noise test tones, it isn't so apparent during a movie soundtrack

    BTW it doesn't have to be a purpose-built center, a bookshelf or floorstander will do just as fine, placement permitting. A pair of bookshelves could be put to use - one for the front center and one for rear center in a 6.1 config

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