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Apr 19, 2003
Ok,this is my first post. I'm in the process of putting together my first "non-HTIB" system. I'm 23 so budget was very large factor. My main questions is, I have an HK AVR325. I would really like to use the "On Screen Display" but it does not work with component video. I'm currently looking for a HK DVD25 or DVD50 (hint hint if anyone has one cheap) to get the progressive scan capabilities. I wanted to run everything I could component. How ever, having access to the OSD is important. Will I lose all the benefits of progressive scan if I run it SVid? I'd like to have everything set up so all the TV has to do is be turned on (i.e. not haveing to switch video inputs)so it is "girlfriend friendly". I also just purchased a JBL TC1000 remote, do you if under macros I can set it to automatically switch the TV video inputs? My TV has 6 video inputs so I was wondering if I could tell it to jump to video 6 instead of 1-2-3 etc. It's not hear yet, that's why I ask. Also, I need opinions on a sub. I want something with decent musical quality but I'm looking for loud to. I've the AR s112p? I think that's the model number for about $150. Is it worth a damn? My setup is as follows.
Harman Kardon AVR 325
Cheap sony DVD that's soon to be replaced.
JBL S312 L/R
JBL NSP1II center and surrounds
Sony KP-51HW40
Satellite coming next week

What would a be a good sub to compliment this? Provided crossovers are set properly. Any info would help also if you have a FL-8380 CD, PA-2000 amp, or as mentioned about a DVD25 or DVD50. Let me know, I want this finished. Thanks in advance, sorry for it being so long.

Michael Reuben

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Feb 12, 1998
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Michael Reuben
Lot of questions for a single post. You may want to try posting separate inquiries in the forums devoted to specific categories (e.g., the sub question in Speakers).

To answer one question though:

Will I lose all the benefits of progressive scan if I run it SVid?
Yes, you will.


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