Need AVR recommendation, $650 and under

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by groogas11, May 13, 2012.

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    My second post here, and looking for advice on AVR choice. I had previously considered buying a Pioneer Elite VSX-60 to start my new home theater system, but now I'm wondering if I need all of its extras and could get what I want for less with another Pioneer, Denon or Yamaha? Would consider other brand.
    Here's my wish list...
    • Very good sound, of course
    • 5.1 (I'm going to hook them up to Def Tech 600s)
    • Apple friendly
    • Attractive, east-to-use interface
    • at least 80W per channel
    • Reliable
    • Enough ports to connect to BluRay, TV, PS3 and possibly Apple TV
    • Sirius/XM
    • Front USB for iPods/iPad/iPhone
    • Bluetooth a plus
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    Just about any mid range reciever will fit the bill. I recently picked up a Pioneer VSX-32 for $399 and it's working great. Look for features more then power. Power ratings on receivers are for the most part, useless. Technically going from 90wpc to 180wpc will only deliver a 3DB increase in volume. And after I tested the 110wpc rating of the amp in my receiver against my external amp rated at 85 wpc, I found that I was able to get 5db more, clean volume from the lower rated amp, making it almost 4 times more powerful
    That would make my Parasound HCS-855 (85x5) equal to about a 400x5 Pioneer Elite receiver.
    Search around this site for online retailers that are known to carry factory refurbs and close outs on quality brands. I found my Pioneer at a local Best Buy, and open box, recently discontiued model marked down from $999 to $399
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    Yes, walk into your local BestBuy and ask them what they have in the back room. They might surprise you. Otherwise, a Denon 2312, Onkyo 709, Pioneer 1121 (if you can still find it) and Yamaha 673 can be found around that price range.
    Factory refurbished is a good way to go

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