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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Jon_Are, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Billy Bob and Jimmy Joe are brothers who share a computer. Billy Bob buys a new iPod and gives his old one to Jimmy Joe.

    Jimmy Joe opens up the iTunes program under his own account (Windows XP) and sees that there are no tunes listed in his library (he's never used iTunes before). So Jimmy Joe imports some files and folders from Billy Bob's files into his iTunes. All looks good.

    Jimmy Joe also imports some songs from his Dad's folder into his iTunes (songs that Billy Bob doesn't have in his).

    However, Jimmy Joe then connects his new iPod - while his own iTunes is open - and iTunes recognizes it as still belonging to Billy Bob. What's more, when Jimmy John syncs the iPod, it still contains Billy Bob's original library on it; it does not import any of Dad's songs, and it does not remove any songs that Billy Bob had that Jimmy Joe had not imported.

    How does Jimmy John re-name his new iPod? And how does he get it to behave properly with his own iTunes application?

    Both Billy Bob and Jimmy Joe (and Dad) thank you.
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    It should have nuked the ipod and started over with the new library. It's a painful thing I keep having to put up with from itunes when I change computers.

    If it doesn't you should have an option in the ipod section of itunes to nuke the ipod and start over, that would be the best bet in my opinion.

    Best of luck!
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    I keep all my mp3s on a computer that I kinda use as a server. I have 3 other computers plus the server and they all have Itunes on them. We have & use 4 ipods. The 3 computers have Itunes pointed to the server database. This way all our mp3s are in the same location. I also back them up to one of the other computers

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