Need all new, 100% fresh set of cables for all equipment


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May 1, 2006
Well, the JVC will be here Monday. Hoping you can help me on this. I think I am going to need some new cables to hook stuff up for best performance.

The TV is the JVD HD-52G787. The DVD player will be the Panasonic DVDS52K

And my A/V receiver is the Marantz SR5600

My video source is a dual receiver DVR from Dish Network (non-HD, though I probably should upgrade to an HD one)

My CD player is a Marantz CC4300

I have two goals. Reduce the number of wires. I have an absolute jungle behind the TV stand. And get the best performance out of the equipment.

Obviously I am going to want HDMI to connect the DVD to the TV I assume. But also likely an Optical cable to connect the CD player to the receiver. What about from the TV to the receiver, and/or DVD to the receiver. And the Dish Network box to the TV?

Lets assume I do not own a single cable at this point and nothing is hooked up. I am going to the store. What do I need to come home with to hook all this up and get optimum performance with the minimum number of wires running all over the place? I know nothing about cables and connections. Know nothing about particular brands. Just looking to get what I need at a resonable (cheap) price.

Will likely purchase from or (unless another may be better).

So what does my shopping list look like?


Alon Goldberg

Jul 10, 2006
Real Name
Alon Goldberg
Hi Brian - here is your shopping list:

1. DVR -> TV, Component
2. DVR -> Receiver, Optical Audio or Digital Coax
3. DVD Player -> TV, HDMI
4. DVD Player -> Receiver, Optical Audio or Digital Coax
5. CD Player -> Receiver, Optical Audio or Digital Coax
6. Receiver -> TV, Component

Both or are excellent choices for quality cabling. Enjoy!

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