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    I am new to "HT Forum" and hope that other members with greater knowledge and experience will offer me some helpful advice. I am preparing to replace my existing HT "system" (using the term loosely) with all new equipment, but can't decide which of several multi-channel receivers to buy. The speakers are already set --- B&W CDM-9NT's in the front and 1NT's in the back. I am picking them up next week. However, when it comes to the receiver the choices have been narrowed down to the following (see below). I have already listened to the speakers through each of these receivers and while each sounds somewhat different, all 3 of them sound good to me. Please offer both positive and negative comments since I hope to make as an informed decision as possible. Here are the finalists:

    Denon AVR-4803
    Integra DTR 8.2
    Marantz SR-9200

    Thanks For Your Help.......Peter
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    Nov 18, 2002
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    I'll think you'll find the Integra products to be very reliable, easy to set up, and sonically very natural sounding. I've had my Integra 8.2 for about a year now and have loved the ease at which it handles all media. You should know that the 8.2 is now an older model. there is now an 8.3. The new 8.3 can access radio internet and do other things with mp3's. If this is not important to you, choose the 8.2. BTW, if your interested, I would sell you my 8.2(great price). I would then buy an 8.3. I dont know about the denon or marantz but the integra 8.2 also comes with a pronto remote as well as 2nd zone features. Hope this helps..


    integra web site...

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