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Need Advice on upgrading receiver, please (1 Viewer)

Remi M.

Dec 13, 2004
Ok here is my setup.

Computer as source
I have a Nforce2 chipset mobo, I like it because it's the only one capable of encoding in dolby digital. But I am getting a Chaintech AV-710 for headphone use and for media already encoded (DVD's)

This source is connected to a Technics receiver and DSP with a SPDIF Coaxial

The DSP is a Technics SH-AC500D and the Receiver is a Technics SA-AX6.

The speakers are:
Fronts Paradigm Monitor 9's biwired
Center Paradigm CC-370
Rears Paradigm ADP-370
I will be buying a subwoofer in the summer when I move to a new house.

I have Audio-Technica Ath-A900 headphones on order.

I use this setup for everything. Watching DVD's on a 21" monitor (yes it's a small screen but the monitor quality is superb)
Listening to music. I listen to allot of different types of music but if I had to pick one it would be rock (Radiohead, NIN, Pink floyd, Massive Atack, Tool.....) All stored at 320bit rate
I use it also for PC gaming.

I no longer care about how laud a system can be or how earth shattering the bass can be. I'm more concerned with detail, clarity in the highs mids and lows. At all volumes (but mostly medium volume levels) and without sacrificing anything.

In the future (1 year) I may move this system to a dedicated theater room and get a different sound system just for gaming/music. But thats a big maybe.

Anyway, enough rambling and to the point. I want to replace the DSP and Receiver with something better. My biggest problem with the system is the baseline hiss. The noise comming from the speakers when the volume is turned up but without media playing. This is heard the most, and is most annoying on the headphone jack which I use about a third of the time. I researched AC conditioners, ferrite cylinders for power cords, dedicated headphone amps. After a little more research I found out that this probllem is perticular to this receiver model's 6ch input.

So what I'm asking is. What receiver should I replace mine with?

I am willing the spend the money on this. But the one thing I do not want to spend money on is gadgets that seem cool at the time of purchase, but you never use (virtual surround presets and such). I want to get the best receiver at that magic point where anything more expencive is vastly diminishing returns. Spending double the amount for a %5 gain, or for status.

With the limited research I'v done I kind of like the Yamaha RXV2500. I like the ideo of "YPAO" but is this just a gadget again? In the past I would have just bought this receiver. But I really want to make a good purchase here, I'm going to be spending allot of time with the result of this decision.

Or am I going about this all wrong? and should concentrate on a totaly different aspect of the system.

Any advice would be apreciated


Second Unit
Feb 18, 2003
I don't know how the RX-V2500 compare, but I know the Denon AVR-3805 is a quiet receiver, and one that does not focus too much on gadgets and DSPs. Find out for yourself if you can hear any hiss. There are plenty of reviews, some with lab measurement results for the Denon AVR-3805 and the Yamaha RX-V2400, on the web. The RX-V2500 is new so I don't think you will find too many reviews. Unless you can take both home, it will hard to compare their sound quality.

Remi M.

Dec 13, 2004
I have decided on a Rotel RSX-1056 Going to audition it and a the denon avr-3085 in january.

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