Need advice on SVS placement and setup

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  1. Brian Bowles

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    Dec 3, 2001
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    I just got my dual CS+ in and I have a question. What is the best way besides listening to compare placements around the room. I know it is supposed to be better when they are together in the corner but my wife is not real crazy about the look. I may need to put them in separate corners. How can I objectively compare the results besides just listening? Is it possible to to get good results with the subs in different corners? I just got mine and today is testing day. It was too late last night after setting it up to do extensive testing.

    Also, what differences should I see now that I am using two subs instead of one? I have to prove to my wife and myself the need to keep the extra CS+. thanks!
  2. JamesMart

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    Jan 23, 2002
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    Hey Brian,
    What you need is a good test tone cd and a radio shack analog SPL Meter. Set the meter to C weighting, and slow response. You can download the below testone freq's and burn them to CD. You can find them HERE. Also on that page is an excel spread sheet. Plot your Raw SPL readings, and it will add in the compensation for the radio shack mic. It will then also plot a curve for you. Take readings at different areas to find the best place in the room. Preferably one that does not produce any valleys in your curve. If you have peaks, you might want to invest in the Behringer Feedback Destroyer. This thing is amazing, and really does help a lot! Here is an example of what you want to do:
    Freq Raw SPL
    16 73
    18 77
    20 78
    22 80.5
    Good Luck, and search the boards here, there is a ton of information to help you through this.
    25 84
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    Jun 13, 2001
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    brian I have to 46 plus night and day between one or two,I had just one going at reference level or a littlt had a hard time keeping up. thats the best way I can describe it.with two it was amazing just filled the whole room sitting on the couach made it fell like it had one of those motor shackers under it.also two in the same corner gives you a lot more head room to get those dbs when runnig at reference or beyound.when there apart they seem to be working against each other.Ihad them set up both ways.I used a art 351 to set them up.that also made a hurge difference.when you listen at reference level the first thing people sayis,to loud.then I say listen to the dialouqe is that loud,they say no.thats how mr.lucus wants you to here new at this so I might be alittle off here.

    good luck

  4. SVS-Ron

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    Jun 2, 2001
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    One trick people use is to put the subs right where your primary seat is (I mean RIGHT where you sit, move the couch a few inches if needed). Put them side by side.

    THEN get the test tones of Video Essentials, Avia or your receiver to loop the subwoofer section of the calibration run. Yes, over and over and over.

    THEN, with your trusty (but hopefully not rusty) SPL meter walk around the room slowly, looking at the meter. Head for the most likely places you can fit both subs. Note on a pad of paper the highest peaks (VE tones tend to waver a bit) in each location. When you find the spot with the best/highest overall response you can be 90% sure that's the best location for your twin subs. You are looking at some experimentation with phase on the subs if you do NOT keep them together. Avoid separating the subs if at all possible.

    Swap the subs for yourself, and put the subs in the location you found, then calibrate again. Unless you are pushing full master Dolby reference levels (where ever on your receiver you set the volume to register 75dB for each channel with VE or 85dB for Avia) I recommend you try +5dB (as measured by the meter) on the subs. Naturally you should ease into this setting with a few lower level demos (I like Toy Story 2 for calibration checkouts, first 5 min. of the disk).

    Back off if the amp starts to clip or the subs sound strained in any way. Probably your house will sound strained long before that happens. Twin Plus subs are a pretty darned potent package.

    I think you'll quickly discover that these subs are not just about massive SPLs, but the clean, deep and accurate bass you have been missing before.

    Keep us posted with pictures and your subjective impressions as you wring things out. The Plus package is still pretty new and folks get tired of hearing US talk about them!


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