Need advice on subwoofer placement.

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    Hi Experts!

    Current setup:
    My TV is partially in a recessed wall in my den. Behind the tv and stand is my Hsu VTF-2. It's up against the wall. Has about 1 foot on either side. 6 inches on front and back. Nothing on top.

    New setup:
    I'm going to get a cabinet installed in the recessed wall and put the tv in there. This will require moving the VTF2. The bottom shelf of the cabinet will have enough vertical clearance for the sub. So the major change to the subs placement is that it will have a shelf a couple of inches above it. The only 'open' side of the sub will be the front (facing out into the room).

    How does this sub placement sound (no pun intended) to you all? Do you think it will create problems inside the shelf?

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    The original setup I had on my Subwoofer was I had it tucked in on the side of my entertainment center, and next to my (for the record, I'm only 17 so I am running a bedroom system, however I've got a full 5.1 component system none the less) closet door. The problem that I found this was creating was real issues with resonance. Not only in my room however, I was suffering this problem through my entire house, plus I was getting complaint's from the upstairs neighbors because it was causing the floor to have resonance. I have since moved mu sub out to more of an open space and have found that I can actually have the bass at a better level without having all of the problems.

    For your setup it does sound like you may have some problems with resonating sound in your shelfs. Also one other thing to consider, you want to be sure not to cause interference with your TV. It sounds like you'll have no problem with that though.

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