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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Dave-->, Mar 4, 2005.

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    Hello everyone-
    I'm a new member to this site and a bit overwhelmed with all the helpful info. Like everyone else I need advice. I purchased a home last fall that had a very large daylight basement (finished). Here is my plan. The room is 15'4" wide by 40'+ long by 8' high. I want to use 15'4"x20' for my HT. I have Paradigm monitor 3's and a cc-370 center speaker. Bass is covered with a Paradigm PW-2200. I am using a Denon AVR-5800 with a DVM-3700 DVD player and a Mitsubishi HC3 front projector. I need advice on what rears to buy and where to place them. I was thinking dipole on the side walls or in the ceiling? or in-wall speakers in the ceiling? Also need help on sub placement and some simple, reasonably priced, wife approved sound dampening material. Additional info about the room- Sheetrock and insulated, no shelves or pictures, carpet throughout and leather couch & loveseat. The other 20'+ will have a pool table, frig, wall-mounted tv's and a card table. Windows have blackout blinds on them. Finally there will also be a couple sets of in-ceiling speakers strictly for music (seperate from the HT system). One last thing. I have been reading about the advantages of 6.1/7.1. My receiver will handle both these soundfields so would it be to my benefit to install speakers for this now? Thanks again for any help you guys can offer. Look forward to chatting with everyone.
    One last thing -- I am also considering building a false wall about 18" off the main wall so I can recess the front speakers and A/V equipment. This would allow me to use sound dampening material during the construction. Is this a good idea or not? Thanks again....
    (By the way - sorry for posting this thread twice)
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    If possible, try and get Paradigms for the rears so everything is timbre matched.
    I'd also go ahead and do 7.1 since the receiver can handle it.
    I'd suggest a bipole/dipole for the sides and then directs for the rears. You might go with in-ceilings for the rears, so as not to interfere with the flow towards the back of the room where your pool table is. You could also do a bookshelf type speaker and hang them from the ceiling with a bracket, firing back towards the room.

    Best thing to do with the sub is to experiement with placement. A corner will give you more output but I usually find that the in-room response is better towards the middle, maybe between the center and left or right speakers.

    Treatments can get pricey but you can make some using fiberglass duct board, cut to a size and shape you like, then cover them in a fabric that works in your room. You can simply buy 2'x4' panels if you wish and cover them, or you can make nice wooden frames with beveled edges to frame out the duct board. Woolaa.

    The false wall idea up front is a good one. You could then treat the front wall with fiberglass duct board or insulation and have it hidden behind the fabric. It's easy to do if you have the room, which it sounds like you do. Just frame it out with 2x4's, then cover the front with fabric, leaving a spot for the screen.

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