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  1. I am currently in an apartment and my apartment mate moved I claim the whole place for myself [​IMG]
    My bedroom is currently also my HT room. Now, I can turn that room into a dedicated HT/music room...well..I'll have my computer in there.
    Below is a link to my current and part of my proposed arrangement.
    The bed will be moved out to a new room, and the dest can go anywhere. I currently only have a 5.1 system, but would like to get a 7.1 in there.
    Any advice as to where I should put the surrounds and if I should change something?
    Currently, there is only a loveseat. I will probably have a couple of beanbags if I get other guests on over.
    If I didn't have the desk in there, I coud build a simple riser and have 2 loveseats in there [​IMG]
    Room Layout
    The room is 18.5' x 12.5' x 8'
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    Well, you could place the side surounds between the closet and the door and one on the opposite wall, then place the rear surrounds few feet behind that and the rear centre on the back wall or on a stand at the back. You really are going all out aren't you? [​IMG] You are the first person I know of who wants to build a riser for an apartment setup. You can certainly do it and make one just wider than the couch and give it a couple feet of legroom, then place the front couch on the floor in front of that. I assume you have the space for it.

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