need advice on 61" projection screen

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    Feb 5, 2002
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    I am seriously thinking about purchasing a 61" projection screen tv, but there are so many different types! I was looking at one model that the sales guy showed me, the Toshiba 61A61 .. anyone had any experience or opinions on that?
    What would be a good TV to go with at 61" for about $2000, - 2500 CDN?
    From what i've read here so far, you guys like Panasonic a lot [​IMG]
    Thanks a lot. Who knows if the sales guy is actually selling me something worthwhile.
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    Mar 8, 2002
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    The 61a61 is not an HD set. Obviously, no way would you be getting a 61" TV for that price. Having said that, the a61 series is possibly the best analog TV you can buy. Do a search on 50a61 (the 50" version) and read what people say about it. Lots of people think it's an HD set the first time they see it. It has a seriously-good picture.

    Yeah, yeah, "It's not progressive scan," people will say, and I'll say, "It still looks great, so who cares?" If HD isn't worth the money to you at this time, the picture quality and sheer size for the price is tough to beat.

    Do a search on the 50a61, and let us know what you wind up buying.

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