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Need Advice - not happy with dvd/monitor picture quality (1 Viewer)

Ron G

Mar 26, 2001
I recently ( 2 weeks ago ) purchased a Hitachi 53" HDTV 16:9 monitor model # 53UWX10B . I also purchased a Sony progressive scan DVD player model # DVP-NS700P. I have them connected w/ a Monster Video 3 component cable. I even bought the Avia calibration disc to fine tune the picture.I am just not satisfied at all with the picture quality while viewing dvds. I notice significant grain or snow mostly during dark /night scenes.I also find the images too dark when calibrated w/Avia ( I had to go back & brighten the picture myself )but this grainy picture really bothers me. I dont find that the image is sharp at all either, in fact I find that the outlines of people's faces to be blurry.This is my first experience w/ a 16: 9 HDTV monitor & prog. dvd player.I am trying to learn as much as possible from these boards .Its very possible that I'm leaving something out ....I used Avia for the basic video adjustments only.I also notice small bars that move quickly up the screen while a dvd is playing , sems to be from the Sony player( very faint small bars , but I see them & it drives me nuts. Please give me some advice on whether or not I'm doing something or is the Hitachi monitor a piece of crap.Please Help!!


Feb 4, 1999
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Did you buy your equipment from a local store? If so, maybe you could check the same hardware combination at the store and see if it looks basically the same. Its possible that either your TV or player has some problems and needs to be replaced. Maybe you could bring your DVD player into the store and attach it to their 53UWX10B and see what you get. The idea is to determine if your problem is related to this hardware in general or just to a particular piece of equipment. Occassionally a few bad ones do slip by.
Another thought, might the store (if local) loan you another progressive scan player (Toshiba or Panisonic, etc) and let you try it out? If the results or more or less the same, at least that would eliminate the player as the problem.
Turning up the sharpness setting on the 53UWX10B might also be causing excessive noise/grain. Try setting it to zero/off and see how it looks.
While neither of the following suggestions are likely to solve your problem, I would recommend looking into them once you get your system sorted out...ISF Calibration made a big difference on my TV (TW40X81, 16:9 HD). However, you wouldn't want to get this done until you are sure you are not going to return the TV. I would also recommend some back lighting. I have the Ideal-Lume product fromhttp://www.cinemaquestinc.com/. There are other back lighting solutions are well, just do a search here.
Good luck,

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