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Joe McCabe

Second Unit
May 6, 1999
Ok, I'm building a theater room in my basement.
I have the TW65H8O, which will be built into the wall, so that only the screen is visible.
Here's what I need to know from you guys.
1.) I want to upgrade from a SD9000 DVD Player to a progressive scan model, what would be a good one to go with?
2.) I need a HD STB. What the best choice for the TW65H80?
3.) I need a complete surround package. Any suggestions??
4.) I'm also planning on getting a Pronto, will it be able to control a remote light dimmer? Also would it be possible to integrate it so if I push "play" on the DVD player, the lights would dim automatically?
Also, I'd like to stay within a $5000.00 budget.
Thanks for any help in advance.


Stunt Coordinator
Jul 4, 2001
I've been going through much of the same research, and finally made a couple of purchases. I went with the 65H80 and today ordered JVC's new progressive scan DVD player, the JVC XVS65GD. I read some good things about the player over on HTS, it has the features I wanted, and I got it for $249 with free 2-day shipping.

Brian Corr

Supporting Actor
May 10, 1999
I just bought the panasonic RP-91 and am very happy with it.
Since you have a toshiba set, I would check out toshiba's set top box. The RCA DTC-100 is popular but has some problems with toshiba sets.
Speakers are subjective. I have had Def. Tech's and now have M&K's. I would recommend either.
HometheaterDirect speakers have been getting alot of comments lately also but I have never heard them myself.
I have also heard PSB's and they are a good buy for the money although I prefer the DT's or M&K's.
$3000 will more than cover a decent surround set up.
Yes, the pronto will control lighting. If you are using X10, you will need the IR to RF convertor.
You can set macros on the pronto so that the lights will dim when you push play.
You could also have the sprikler system come on, the drapes close, and the toilet flush if you wanted too!

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