Need advice: Dishes, HD Receivers, & Recorders

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    Ok, I am fed up with cable.
    I have a HDTV, and I'm looking at moving from cable to satellite, but I'm somewhat overwhelmed by my options, and could use some advice. At some point, I would also like to add a personal video recorder (such as Tivo/Ultimate TV) and a high-def receiver into the mix. These aren't "must-haves" right now, but I'm just keeping future upgrades in mind.
    Am I better off getting separate components for each, or getting some of the combo units, such as the Direct TV/Ultimate TV boxes? If combo is the way to go, should I get dish/PVR or dish/HD? Are there any boxes that have all 3? [​IMG]
    Any advice or links to good info sources would be helpful...(models to consider/avoid is also helpful)
  2. Gary Thomas

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    I've had all three of your options...but they all won't work together!

    Dish HD6000: I used this for a few weeks, then sold it. HD was great, but at that time program material was limited. It was a pain for me to switch between the HD and reg. satellite as well as integrating the OTA local HD channels. You cannot use a PVR or TIVO w/ HD stuff. (I think there is a component that records HD...but I'm not sure if it's still available)

    TIVO: Great! This purchase was the single best upgrade as per my wife and kids. It changes how you watch tv. The search feature is fantastic. You start typing in the name of a show & Tivo will find it for you. I did occasionally have problem with the Tivo communicating with my Sat. receiver resulting in lost programs. I've since moved it up to the kids playroom. (They are 8 & 9 years old and can easily use Tivo)

    PVR: I have a Dish 501 PVR in my main set up. It's integrated with the sat. receiver, so quality is better and it removes the communication problem experienced with the Tivo. There is no "search" function at this time. The program guide only handles two days of future that's a weakness. Overall, I've been pleased with the PVR, but it doesn't have the excellent user inteface as the Tivo. I think dish is coming out with a new 2 tuner version...I may end up buying that one too!

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