Need about 4-5 feet for my Dish (E*)

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by john seitz, May 29, 2004.

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    Hello all -- do you know where I can buy a pole extension for the dish? I have some trees in the way I think (can only see SAT110 not SAT119). And I think 4-5 feet would do it. And since my dish is mounted on the side of my house (next to the roof but for added leak-proof-ness) I can't don't really want to use a TRI-Pod thingy.

    2nd question what part would I extend? Do I not use the base mount and just use a TV antenna pole and bracket... how much would that mess up the calculations on where to point the dish if it would even work?

    Any help would be more then welcome :)
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    When I installed mine in '97 I used plumbers pipe from Home Depot as an 18" extension between the base and the dish. I'm sure the diameter of a newer dish's mounting pipe is smaller now though. For 4-5 feet, I would use an 8-10 foot antenna pole between the base (mounted lower from the roof on the house) and the dish with 2-3 brackets in between, and a strong one at the roof line for added strength. You don't want the wind to move anything. Any type of extension shouldn't mess up the calculations at all. Just be sure to use the adjustable mounting bracket that came with the dish. I'm not a pro installer but this is the way I would do it. 4-5 feet is pretty high though. In a windy area it may move too much. Best wishes.

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