Need a TV to fit this enclosure...need replies ASAP please!

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    i'm just about clueless in the TV makes/models realm (although i do know what the features do), so speedy help is needed and much appreciated!
    my dad wants to replace our old TV that only goes up to channel 36. [​IMG] he cant lift anything heavy so we need to do it tomorrow before i go back to school. the enclosure is 16" wide x 19" tall x 19" deep. i dont need anything fancy and it will be used for cable viewing ONLY, so inputs besides that are no factor. (no VCR or DVD player will ever need to be hooked up)
    what's the best we can get at Best Buy/Circuit City for under $500? alos, i heard CC is better than BB for TVs. is this true?
    thanks in advance!
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    Thomas, given the size restrictions, you should look on-line for 13 and 14 inch tvs although you may be able to squeeze

    a regular old 20 inch set into that space (models that have the speakers on the bottom and not on the sides) but 20 inch diagonal means a 16 inch horizontal dimension which given your dimensions would be a tight fit. Check

    out the best buy and circuit city web sites to see dimensions of the 13,14, and 20 inch sets that they carry and what models meet your restrictions. For regular cable viewing, most sets from major manufacturers should meet your needs.

    good luck,


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