Need a measurement on a Sony 32" Wega

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  1. Ken Stuart

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    Jan 31, 2000
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    [If possible, can this be left in this high-traffic forum until I get an answer? Thanks!]
    I've ordered a Sony Wega KV-32FS12 that will arrive next week (looking forward to "vertical squeeze" and component connection to my DVD player) and I'm trying to rearrange my home theater cabinet to fit it.
    Unfortunately, there are no pictures on the Internet of the back of a Wega. [​IMG]
    What I need to know is the WIDTH of the REAR of the unit (ie the width of the final 4 inches that stick out behind the Wega Stand).
    Any 32-inch Wega "FS" should be the same, and although the "FV" case is different, even a measurement from an "FV" should give me an idea if I can still fit an object that might come close to the back corner.
    Thanks for your help! BTW, only someone who has easy access to the rear should consider measuring - no heroics, please! [​IMG]
  2. Will Ernst

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    Mar 12, 2001
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    The very back of it measures 18" across. At 4" from the rear, it's at 21". It tapers straight from the front at about a 30 degree angle.
    Hope that helps...

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