Need A Little Help Choosing DVD player & Monitor

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Brad Vautrinot, Jan 29, 2006.

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    I'l be looking for a new DVD player soon and after looking at all the different threads on the subject throughout the internet, as well as several DVD terms I don't understand, e.g. DVI, I'm turning here for help.

    I'll also be buying a new HD TV and it was suggested to me that the Sony KDSR50XBR1 SXRD was a good one with its 1080p technology and no matter what monitor I buy should have 1080p technology at a minimum.

    Currently I do not use component video - just S-video as my TV does not have component input jacks nor does my DVD player have component output jacks. Yes, I need some serious upgrading to my video enjoyment but am overwhelmed with what's out there, what I don't understand, and what's best for me, etc.

    Basically, at this point, I simply want to take advantage of hi-def t.v broadcasting, play my current DVD's, an occasional CD, and some home-made DVD's made on my Mac. Perhaps later I might get into SACD and will certainly want to take advantage of the new forthcoming HD-DVD's once the battle between blue-ray and other formats gets finalized.

    Can anyone here lead me in the right direction so that I don't get hosed buying products that will make me sorry. I apologize in advance for being somewhat vague but I'm at a very confusing crossroad regarding DVD and video and don't want to make a fatal turn.

    Brad Vautrinot
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    It is a good idea to get a t.v. that does 1080p via HDMI so you can be ready for HD-DVD or Blue Ray. Now you can either wait for the winner of the two formats or jump right into it when it's launched in March (I believe). I do suggest an upscaling player to hold you over until then. They are not very expensive depending on what you get. The Oppo has received some pretty good reviews here and on AVS Forum. Also Pioneer has one as well as Denon. The only problem I believe with the Denon is macroblocking but I think it depends on the dislpay you get. Zenith has one as well as Samsung, and if you really want a cheap uspcaling player Walmart (yes I said it Walmart) has a model I think it is called Cyberhome and I have not seen many negative review about it.

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