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    Aug 26, 2004
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    hi guys,

    i'm new to this site and home theater in general. just bought a pioneer 5.1 system. does anyone know who makes a good affordable stereo/audio cable to run tv sound thru the ht system other than monster? i'm going to use monster for the component video cable.

    also, has anyone heard of Python cables? are they any good? how about recoton?

    thanks again.
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    Hi Ray. Welcome to HTF!

    Are you talking ordinary Stereo TV sound? If so - go budget. The source is very poor compared to a CD/DVD player. Dont spend the money on a higher-end cable for what will likely be your lowest-quality audio source.

    The Acoustic Research Pro brand has a good reputation. You can find these on-line or at places like BestBuy. (They are owned by Recoton - but AR is not their budget line).

    Component Video cables: I'm not a fan of Monster. You can get much better quality than their Video 1/2/3 offerings by going to some of the custom cable sites. For about $50 they will sell you HD rated coax normally sold only in bulk to production studios & the broadcast industry. The professionals - dont use Monster. They buy coax in bulk and custom make cables. Web sites like will sell you the same stuff for a lot less than retail Monster prices.

    If Monster wont tell you the bandwidth or what is different between their Video 1/2/3 cables - they are not helping you make smart choices.

    Hope this helps.

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