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Jul 3, 2007
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I need a new receiver that I can connect and use in an eclosed cabinet behind glass doors. I want either the Onkyo TX-SR705 or the TX-SR606, but I've read that Onkyo receivers have heating issues.

My old Sony never overheats inside the cabinet. Also inside the cabinet is a PS3, a DirecTV HD-DVR, and a Toshiba HD-A3 HD-DVD player.

With my current setup, everything works well.

The cabinet can't go because it's the centerpiece for the whole entertainment center that fits my 65" Mitz DLP TV like a glove. I wish I could share a pic because it's a gorgeous setup.

My old Sony receiver has no HDMI hookups because it's 7 years old. I really want a dual zone 7.1 receiver with plenty of HDMI connectivity. At least 3 HDMI inputs, preferably 4. I've got a $500 budget for the new receiver.


By the way, are there any quiet fans you can install inside a cabinet such as mine to help devices run cooler?


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Jun 20, 2000
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You need some active cooling. There are plenty of fans (such as Radio Shack has) to do the trick. Cut some large holes at the bottom of the cabinet in an unobtrusive place and some fans at the top to pull out the hot air. The fans just need to be DC, so they don't introduce any electrical noise. So, you'll need a transformer. The fans will most likely be 12v, but you'll probably want a variable transformer so you can slow them down.


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Jan 29, 2007
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I have to agree with John, that your best option is to add some active cooling to the cabinet. This can be in a couple forms, depending on what works best for your layout and budget.

You could go with an aftermarket solution designed specifically for this. The advantage to this is that they will be designed to reduce noise of the fans and reduce any AC/DC hum. Check Active Thermal Management - Cooling systems and fans for home theater for some ideas on aftermarket solutions (and ideas on building your own.)

You can setup a push system which the fans are in the cabinet and push the air out, however this is usually the most noticable for increased noise. If its in a closed cabinet with a door as you mentioned, this might not be a big deal, but will be the most likely to introduce hum into the setup.

The other option, is a pull system, where the fan is installed at a spot like an outside wall, attic vent, or wherever, and is connected to the cabinet with glorified furnace hose (dryer vent painted black, for the DIYer). Instead of a standard push fan, this typically uses an impeller, which pulls air through the hose from the cabinet and vents it elsewhere. This is my preferred option, but usually a little more expensive. (Top left picture on the link above). This is what I use because I am cooling a little more than you, and I have to ensure that humidity stays at minimum in my enclosure.

Another option is a cooling tray, but in a sealed cabinet it just moves the air around and evens out the ambient temp of the whole cabinet, so your receiver might cool a little, but the rest of the cabinet will get warmer. I don't recommend this in a sealed environment.

My setup uses an active AC that puts the cool into my closet at floor level, and the hot air collector pulls from the top and vents to the outside. My closet usually stays at a decent 65F, or about 70-75F without the AC running. Its a sealed closet with equipment generating about 10k BTU so I have 2 superfine furnace filters back to back on the return so that the collector doesnt pull the dust from my house in there.

Jari K

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May 16, 2007
I would never place my A/V receiver in the "eclosed cabinet". At least I would remove the back wall (of that cabinet) or something.. Not sure, that is it the best idea to start choosing receiver based on the cabinet? IMO it would be another way around.

I´m also looking a new "cabinet"/"rack"/something, and it will be more-or-less "open". At least from the back.

My 2 cents, of course.

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