NEC 46" direct view

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    Aug 13, 2000
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    Thats right a 46" direct view from NEC (circa 1986)
    model # PJ-4650EN (cabinet finished in genuine oak veneer)
    nice looking unit. I wonder what it weighs.
    Also, a Pioneer SD-P40 projection monitor. inputs for a LaserVision player, two videocassets recorders and up to 139 cable channels with direct access. Monitor output, and TV output. Not as nice as the NEC, weight unknown.
    I saw these adds in high Fidelity mag. August 1986 edition
    I found the other day in the garage (in storage box)
    I guess the Grand VVega @40" is not so grand afterall now if it was 47"+ now were talking.
    80x45 (16x9 DIY painted screen)
    Sony kv32fs12
    tosh. 3109DVD
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    I am told that a 49 inch Grand Wega (LCD based 16:9 HDTV RPTV weighing about 110 lb.) was introduced in Japan recently.
    A 46" 4:3 screen will show a 16:9 picture about 42". A 49" 16:9 screen will show a 4:3 picture about 39".
    Other video hints:
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