Ncis 10/14/03

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Patrick Sun, Oct 20, 2003.

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    Only so many hours in a week, but watched this episode over the weekend.

    The case itself finds NCIS on a ship to investigate a seaman found in dress garb with a sword and weighted down. The world of MMORP is spotlighted (in a cursory fashion) as the clues lead to some online hijinx emanating from the ship at sea on the military's dime.

    Tony DiNozzo is fun to watch on this show, and this episode was no exception. He finds a way to make it to Puerto Rico on the company dime, and gets what he needs in the investigation. While being a good foil for both Caitlin and Gibbs, he makes these CSI-type of shows less drab, with a sense of adventure added to the mix.

    That cases can happen all over the world, and a fun cast, I'm still liking this show.
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    JAG will air in NCIS' spot tomorrow to air the cross over episode.

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