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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Brandon>C, Sep 16, 2004.

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    What is the native resolution, of my new set. It's a Panasonic 47x54. The reason i ask is im curious if it upscales my 480p to 540p, from my dvd player. And if its worth it to get an upscaling dvd player.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    I believe your set upscales a 480p signal to 540p, so I wouldn't think there is a need to get the DVD player.
    Your PQ should look great at that res.
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    If this is your set, then it's a CRT-based set, and technically does not have a "native resolution" like fixed-pixel digital displays such as DLP or LCD do. CRTs have "scan rates" that can vary depending on the source material. In most cases, however, CRT sets are limited to scanrates that correspond to 480i/p, 540p, or 1080i.

    The information on that page, doesn't specifically say what the set does with a 480p signal. My understanding was that most CRT sets will display 480p as 480p without any up- or down-conversion.

    Conversion one way or another is usually an issue with how a set handles 720p HD content - since most CRT sets do not display 720p at its native scanrate, they either upconvert to 1080i or downconvert to 480p. Again, the information on this page does not specifically say whether or not this set will accept a 720p signal nor does it say how it goes about displaying such a signal.

    I would be surprised if your set (by default) upscaled 480p to 540p (not that I'm saying it can't be true) but personally, I'd probably be more comfortable watching DVDs at 480p to avoid the possibility of any upscaling artifacts being introduced to the picture.

    Remember, that upscaling DVD images to 480p or 1080i doesn't add any detail or picture that wasn't already there - the added information is being interpolated, or estimated by the set's internal scaler. The quality of this interpolation can vary widely depending on the electronics used.

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    Actually lots (the majority?) of CRT HDTV sets upconvert 480p to 540p and display everything as 1080i. More and more these days, good de-interlacers for 480i to 480p are found in TV sets and that is better than simply upconverting/interpolating 480i to 540p or to 480p.

    540p material goes on the screen the same way as 1080i. If the TV has a 540p/1080i selection, that governs how each group of 540 lines is painted on the screen, and does not restrict the choice of source material.

    Also the majority of CRT HDTV sets do not accept 720p so the set top tuner box has to convert 720p broadcasts to 1080i for you.

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