Native or Not; which resoultion?

Dan Joy

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Dec 8, 2001
I just added the directv HR20-700s HD dvr to my Pioneer Elite 1140HD. I have some questions about the DVR settings with the tv.
Should I use Native or not. My thought is to let the tv do all the work and not the dvr, but the drawback to this is when switching channels there is quite a delay before the video comes up. This disapears with native off.
Secondly, the dvr asks in setup to check all the resolutions my tv accepts.
Should I mark all (480i,480p,720p, or 1080i) Right now I have all of them marked?
Any thoughts? I have perused avs and dbs forums and still do not have a clue.

Mort Corey

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Nov 21, 2003
The delay sounds like the display has to sync up each time you're changing channels. Does this happen if you're selecting an HD source to a SD source or HD to HD and SD to SD too? If the picture quality doesn't suffer, I'd go with the choice that gives the best response.

If the setup menu say select "all" that apply, then I think youv'e got it right.


David Norman

Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
Unless I'm mistaken, the Pioneer is approx 1360x768. I would bet setting the DirecTV receiver to ouput 720p would give the best results rather than the Native scan rate or certainly checking all the boxes.

I will guarantee I would throw my box against the wall if I had to live with the "Native" or multi resolution display delay I saw with my H20 when I started using it -- I set mine on 720 only (actually also 480p since the H20 won't let me uncheck that box) within an hour of getting it set up b/c of the interminable delay. If you channel surf at all, even if the picture is marginally better with Native the delay would be difficult to live with.

I have a 768 native LCD display -- only a small 23 inch, but from less than 4 feet viewing distance from my computer. Maybe the plasma would be considerably different in scaling the pictures, but I just don't see how it could be worth it unless the HR20 is an order of magnitude faster than it's older brother.

I might try 720 only and 1080 only to judge which gives you the best picture, but I bet picking a single output will turn out to be the best option.

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