Nakamichi AV-10 and Welling WS8 Sub

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JEdward, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Hello people, I'm new to this forum and hope this question/post is appropriate... I have the above gear and want to run the amp at times as a stereo. Because with full range front speakers the receiver amp won't output to the subwoofer via the single RCA output I have wired the sub via speaker cables, along with the R and L front speakers. This seems to work fine but: 1. Are there any issues with me doing this - I did the same with an Onkyo A-8500 stereo amp and it was fine? I tried the RCA connection with front speaker set to low and all I got was a hum through the sub and very low, distorted out-put. What is the best way for me to wire the sub? And for HT is it OK to have no centre speaker yet still run the sub through the speaker cables? Thanks for your help...
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    Can you set your speakers to "small" or adjust the receiver's bass management to force all bass to the sub output?

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