NAD T762, T763, HK DPR2005

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Michael Lane, Aug 21, 2006.

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    First off, my system.
    Tannoy Saturn S6 towers
    Tannoy Saturn S6LCR bookshelves
    Tannoy Sensys DC centre
    NAD T524 DVD player
    NAD T742 AV receiver

    Recently i have been feeling that my amplifer is getting quite close to its limits whilst my font speakers still have some more room to go, and with a new projector with component inputs i no longer have video switching between some devices. My brother is now interested in an amplifer, and likes mine, so i figured this was a great time to upgrade!

    So i started looking around, and was set on getting a T762 that i saw on sale as an ex display for $1500.
    But after a check on ebay i found an HK DPR2005 for the same price, but the HK is a more powerful and dynamic unit, hence began the dilema.

    I went to a local store today to have a listen to the HK, i was very impressed, but they had the room setup, and were using some B&W 703s, which far exceed my Tannoys at home.
    The store suggested that i take the unit home for the day to try, i happily agreed.

    The HK Unit certainly has alot more grunt than my T742, but it sounds harsh, slightly brassy, i was certain that this was the CD i chose, so i tried it back on my NAD, and to my suprise, all the brightness and discomfort went away.
    The recording was bright, and my speakers are a tad on the bright side (unlike most Tannoy), but my NAD didnt seem to show these atttributes.
    My NAD was much warmer, much more pleasant to listen to, and also had a little more bottom end oomph.

    Im going to take the HK back tomorrow and see if they will lend me a T763 to have a play with, if it turns out how i think it will (warmth of my current NAD) then i will likely go ahead and get the ex-demo T762, im assuming that the 63 did not have any fundamental changes that are worth $500 more?
    Ill try and get the price down, but i cannot get them to drop the price to similar of the 762 then its that one that i will stick with.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these that they would care to share, or just comments.
    I particulary would value any comments on the T762 vs T763.


    thanks for taking the time to read [​IMG]
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    G'day Michael! I found your thread while looking up the Nad receiver! Not sure if you are still looking for responses, but here are my thoughts.

    I'd stick with your receiver, but consider some of these upgrade options.

    1. Active crossover - 3 x 2 way to cover the 3 front speakers - eg behringer ultradrive - drive the tweeters with the NAD
    2. Power amp - Rotel for the midbass - very nice sounding amps and very good value
    3. More efficient speakers

    You will gain much more useable clean output this way than trying to squeeze more out of your speakers with forcing in more power. Amps will have more headroom also.

    You could look at a DIY speaker with a tweeter like say the Peerless HDS with 93 db sensitivity. Combine it with four 6.5" midbass drivers and you get a good match with about 94 db, no need to pad the tweeter. If you are placing them near the rear wall, no bafflestep loss, but with those solid walls (still have them right?) you will want either some acoustic treatment or an open baffle speaker.

    Now compare that to an 88 db speaker with 50 watts and it's a significant upgrade. From the extra efficiency you get 3-6 db more output and from the extra power another 3 - 6 db. So you get 6 - 12db more output, which is decent, but not cheap either!

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