NAD T742 - new baby from NAD - anyone seen/heard it

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  1. Jonathan M

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    Jul 23, 2002
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    Hi All,

    Finally, a new version of the T741 from NAD has been released in the US. Has anyone seen it or, even better, heard it?

    I am personally going to be obtaining a T741 here in NZ in a month or two, and am looking for reviews of it, however none are available.

    Based on the specs, it looks like it'll be a nice little entry level machine with the high quality NAD amplification.

    Any opinions?
  2. Rich Wenzel

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    Aug 9, 2002
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    well, its got a bigger amp section than the 742, dpl2 and some other goodies. I didnt hear one, but i did hear the 752, was nice in stereo. I didnt get to really hear it in surround mode. I heard it through paradigm monitor 7's or 9's can't remember right now. Was a tad bright overall in my opinion, but that could have been the store, the speakers, etc.

  3. muskie

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    May 23, 2001
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    I listened to the T751 previously and inquired about the cost of the T752 not to long ago at a local store. Then I saw an ad for the T742 in a local paper.

    I resisted even going to look at it, because I actually had the money to buy it, but wasn't sure I should spend the money. I was still stuck with only pro-logic so I needed a receiver to complete my Home Theater.

    I listened to a few music tracks and it sounded fine, I mainly bought it on reputation and the fact that I remembered the T751 sounding better then other stuff I listened too in comparison (Onkyo, Harmon Kardon). I'm primarily a music person and Emmylou sounded great from a NAD with JMLab speakers. (I own Paradigm all around.)

    I should have perhaps finally gotten around to listening to Marantz especially as the store now seems to carry that as well. But NAD was what I wanted in the last generation and it was on sale so I went for it.

    It doesn't have a learning remote. No pass through of component video and less inputs then the bigger NADs. I wouldn't have minded more imputs but I was previously running my DVD direct to my TV and it is the only digital video or audio source I have. I do have a lot of audio sources including a turntable. I may end up buying a PP1 I meant to ask about it at the time. But I hardly listen to records.

    I'm buying some banana plugs today at Radioshack cause I decided it just wasn't worth hooking it up any other way. I live in a small apartment so I won't miss the extra amplification, but I didn't need yet another remote. I'll have to see if I can eliminate a few, but some kind of aftermarket learning remote is in my future, after I pay my AMEX bill of course. ;-)

    I'll endeavor to put up some sort of token review. NAD sounded better to me in two channel before and this receiver also sound "Good enough for me" and was "plenty loud for me" too.

    Hope that helps, there is indeed a shortage of information on NAD products including the T742 online.



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