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NAD receiver unable to output Dolby/DTS sountracks? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 11, 2003
I haven't been around for a while but thought I'd drop in to seek some help with a recent problem I encountered with my T762.

After viewing The Matrix in HD DVD I tried to access some special features on the disc, and when these played (music tracks and a music video), there was no audio. I cycled through all of the NAD's options and either wound up with no audio at all, audio from some speakers, audio at a lower volume, audio fading in and out, etc. And on two occasions I've heard high-pitched feedback coming out of one speaker.

Then, the same problem occured with other HD DVDs. I chalked this up at first to the NAD and the Toshiba HD-A3 deciding that they didn't want to communicate anymore (The T762 can't read the new Dolby or DTS soundtracks associated with HD DVD and Blu, but I know that the new Dolby formats are backwards compatible, so I wasn't too concerned). Which was odd to me because I'd watched some 2 dozen HDs to that point and never had a problem.

But over the weekend, I tried to watch a standard DVD on my older Sony player and had the same problem. I've had the Sony for almost a decade and its never, ever had trouble, and its always worked well with the NAD (which I bought in 2003). Both players are connected to the NAD via digital optical. I was able to listen to CDs (analog connection) in 2-channel and they were fine. I haven't tried to switch the audio connections for the DVD players to analog yet, but I wonder if it'll make a difference. And at any rate, I want the digital connection to access the digital soundtracks on my movies.

I'm just starting to research this and would appreciate any insight. Thanks in advance.

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