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NAD Receiver Owners: Opinions? (1 Viewer)

Bob Snelgrove

May 10, 2003
Hi Gang,

First post here. I like the NAD receivers but am concerned about QC problems, especially with the new 762? Appreciate any comments from 752 or 762 owners. especially on quality, apparent power and sound quality. I'm also looking at the Sony 4ES, Rotel 1055, and the Pioneer Elite 45.



Jonathan M

Second Unit
Jul 23, 2002
Yes, there have been problems with both these NAD units reported. Like a lot of receivers (unfortunately) nowadays I guess :frowning:

I own a T752 and have had very little trouble with it. It weighs a ton, is well built and sounds excellent. The apparent power is strong as should be the case (but often isn't) with all receivers rated at the levels of the T752 (80x5). It sounds much stronger than the Sony unit and H/K unit I compared (Sony was a QS series rated at 100x6, H/K was rated at 40x5 so this is obvious).

The initial fan troubles with the T752 have not as far as I know been observed with the T762. These have also been solved in the current run of T752's. I have yet to hear the fan come on on my unit, but I am currently only running 2 channels anyway.

The other issues with these units are:

Digital mute is held on for too long whilst the processor figures out the input type (PCM/DD/DTS etc.) thus the first second or so of a CD track can occasionally be muted. Many other receivers have had this issue as well.

The On screen display of the volume bar which pops up when one alters the volume level can cause a small "tick" sound through the speakers. This is best heard at low volumes as the tick can be differentiated from the program material.

Both of the above issues (on the T752 anyway + I believe the T762 also) have been corrected and a microchip (replaceable EEPROM) is available - I expect to upgrade my own unit myself in the next week or two.

You (and any other owners out there) may want to check the version of the unit you are considering (or already own). You can do this by pressing the AUDIO and VIDEO buttons on the front panel simultaneously.

Mine is v1.06 A7 for reference purposes.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my unit - it looks great, has a good remote, and sounds great too. The 2 niggles I currently have with it (see above) have been remedied with the chip upgrade. The upgrade also allows the T752 to rename it's inputs - the T762 already has this feature.

Hope this helps.

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