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    I need help on a few recommendations for my new setup in my basement. Even being pointed to a Home Theatre for dummies complete morons would be great

    Current Equipment

    • I have a set of 5 Infinity HTS 10-100W 8 OHM speakers and thinking of using 4 of them for my rear speakers for a typical 7.1 setup
    • Receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1325-K 7.1 Amp
    • PS3 for Bluray
    • Boxee for streaming content from a media server and Internet content
    • Toshiba Regza 55ZV6OU 240 Hz LCD panel


    • 18' wide x 32' long
    • 12' viewing distance
    • Drop ceiling with drywall and painted walls
    • Carpet floor

    Tower speakers being considered:

    • Polk RT110
    • Paradigm MON7VCBLK

    Center channel

    • Klipsch RC52
    • Paradigm CC190VCBLK


    • What type/gauge of speaker wire should I use?
    • Recommendations for the center channel and front speakers welcome (I would like to keep all three speakers close to $1000)

    My diagram of my setup


    Thanks for any help in advance
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    My experience tells me that the Paradigms are going to better match the sound that you will get from the Infinity rear speakers. Although that is not the only reason I would go with Paradigms. My front sound field is Paradigm and I really have not regretted the purchase - ever. I think from an overall performance standpoint, the Paradigms will outperform the Polks. My opinion.

    Good Luck.

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