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Mystery/Detective Shows Not Owned By Paramount? (1 Viewer)


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Nov 4, 2006
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Hi guys, are any of you wondering what has happened to other mystery or detective shows not owned by Paramount?
It seems that only Paramount are making an effort to release these, in a quick fashion aswell. Take for example, Cannon, Hawaii 5-0, Streets Of San Fran, Matlock, Mannix etc etc etc
Now what has happened with Universal? Where is season 9 of Murder She Wrote, and what the hell has happened with Columbo?
I think its safe to say we can forget about Quincy Kojak Simon & Simon etc
And what about Rockford Files season 6??
Since Magnum PI has been finished there hasnt been much else about...
Same with Sony, Hart to Hart??
And same goes with FOX for Cagney And Lacey & Hill Street Blues....
Is it me or does it seem that Paramount are the only ones releasing this genre of shows at the moment??


Feb 24, 2007
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Joe Corey
NBC-Universal has direct outlets for most of the cop-detective between Sleuth and Retro TV Network.

CBS-DVD is the only outlet that is being very active in building an audience for their shows on DVD. They keep them coming. They seems to average at least 2 titles a week. Whereas all the others seem to go weeks between releases leaving people wondering if they're still in the business.

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Jul 21, 2005
What are you talking about, 70's? Murder She Wrote has a semi-regular publishing schedule:

Murder, She Wrote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Universal has a a set period for releasing season sets. MSW isn't exactly a big seller for them and like all studios, those shows that sell more often for a studio will get released more often than those that don't. Most studios will concentrate on releasing shows that are currently being broadcasted on network television so they can tie the DVD releases and capture any additional sales for previous season sets for that show.

Where it concerns older shows that are no longer being produced, studios take their time in releasing them.

As far as Paramount goes? It's CBS that determines the releases for shows and Matlock is only one of the more recent releases. Paramount had always had the problem of dragging its feet but ever since CBS and Paramount TV merged, we've seen more releases from the Paramount library of titles than we would have if the merger had not happened:

CBS Paramount Television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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