My worst nightmare

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Allen Marshall, Feb 10, 2004.

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    well i have to hold off on the home theater room until 2005....because someone (sister) decided to move back in to save money for a house, as if thats anywhere near as important as my speaker placement. Anywho i think i may take a picture later just to give people a laugh at how i have my floorstandings in my living room. The 50" TV is in a corner, thats right, not head on, in the corner and to top it off there's a fireplace head on (where anyone would put there tv).

    If you were to look at my room straight and label each location on the far wall from left to right 1 2 3, 2 being the fireplace and 3 being my tv on an angle, thats what my living room looks like, Or is it a family room???

    Floorstandings: Athena AS-F2
    Bookshelves: Athena AS-B1
    Bookshelves: Sharp something or others with a 8" sub, 4" midrange and a tweeter.
    Reciever: Yamaha HTR-5640

    I moved everything, ontop of the tv on the left is a cable box with a vcr on top of it, on the right there's the reciever with the dvd player ontop of it, and ontop of the vcr are 2 books to keep my center speaker level. now the edge/corner of the fireplace is like 3 inches away from the tv, i have my floorstanding propped up ontop of the thing on an angle stickin out like 4 inches past the tv. my other floorstanding is atop the subwoofer which is like 7 inches wide, 8 inches tall and 20 inches deep. (Im assuming it's got 2 6 1/2 inch subs in it). It's like tryin to balance a basketball on a baseball, it looks pretty damn ugly but i've been starrin at it so long that im unable to detect how acquired it looks.

    Now for the rears i just put away my AS-B1's and brought out the Sharps that dont sound as good as the AS-B1's but can go louder without distortion and give us bass because the tv is like 12-15 feet away from the couches and that little sub combined with the subs on my floorstanding dont reach that far in effect...with what litle effect they have close up.

    i hooked it all up to my 100x5 Kenwood, but while watching Underworld the damn thing kept turning off, it always does that, if i turn up loud right away when i first use it it will stay on for awhile which leads me to believe it turns off when it heats up. Soo i brought down my whimpy 75x6 yamaha and since there was a room difference and different speakers i could of swore my reciever was alittle more powerful or as powerful. My arms are still sore from all the plug pulling and what not but finally after all the hard work from like 8:30 to 10:30 of halling speakers, movin the tv, cuttin speaker wire, movin stuff around i had it hooked up just to realize that my reciever has to go down to 20 to do what the other reciever does at 35 and it sucks cause in my other room i never turned the reciever up that much anyway.

    One's got more power and turns off, the other alot less power that never turns off. The sound starts getting bad when i turn it up loud on the yamaha but it doesnt on the kenwood, for the first time i got to see what my floorstandings could kinda do on the kenwood unfortunately got probably one of the worst subwoofers ever created. The only bass i feel comes from the rear, i hear the bass from the front but im assuming i dont have to explain it cause people probably know what i mean. I got 2 crappy recievers and im told that i shouldnt be pushin my 75x6 like that in the first place so now i need a new one even though i was gonna get a subwoofer first which im in desperate need of.

    In 5 months i was gonna get a pre/amp amp combo somewhere in the $3,000 price range, but now i want a new reciever as a replacement and my plans for the combo will be pushed back to mid 2005 cause i cant fit a a amp and preamp ontop of the tv in the first place i have nowhere to put it. So i want to get a reciever buttttttt i need advice, reciever suggestions for $1,000. i've never heard a reciever over 100wpc so when i do im probably gonna be alittle excited, thats the cool thing about it, im used to such miserable conditions little things impress me. Sound quality is little concern seeing as how any reciever that cost that much is gonna produce good sound but im lookin for the most wants in a reciever i can get for that price to fill in the music part.

    I was so suprised what my floorstandings sounded like with a 100wpc reciever opposed to a 75wpc specially since there only $600 a pair. the more i upgrade im gonna be wowed everytime, i cant even imagine what a good subwoofer would sound like in my living room cause i've never even really heard one that could actually do anything.

    The only reciever i've been eyin is the Yamaha RX-V2400 for 120x7. Dont know if i can get any more watts for my price range but i only have a room setup to fit 6.1 not 7.1 so i figure i'd be wasting alittle bit of money on paying for something thats only more expensive cause its 7 channels instead of 6.

    Sorry about the rambling

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    Wow! Thats alot to take in. Sounds like a pretty crappy situation. Im a little confused on some things, but I think I get it. I will throw in my input for you.

    First thing I would do is get rid of that crappy sub, get a better one now. I would also sell both recievers and use that money to get a good one, oh and get an a/v rack... if you can fit it. [​IMG]

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