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    Hi! i am very delighted to be joining home theater! i would like to take this time to explain my views on the film industry itself, and the technology that now produces them.
    First of all, i have always loved film ever sense i was a child. If i could watch films for a living i would do it in a heart beat. i honestly think i could be a film historian or critic, but nothing like that is ever going to happen to me. One think i always find is that the older films were better in every sense of the word.
    in recent years, films being released are boring and rely on visual effects a little too much. dont get me wrong, i love the use of technology, but sometimes filmmakers can rely on it a little too often. to me the story is what is important at the end of the day. And in recent years i haven't watched a newly released film that really took me away or made me think.
    Early cinema is better then the new. I love films that were made in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50, 60s, 70s, and 80s, but after that most tend to run dry. you just cant find a decent film to watch today, they are always boring or have no plot, or you dont care about the plot. it is rather sickening that cinema is dying in every sense of the word. ]
    Back in the 20s you had such talent as charlie Chaplin, and Lon Chaney. both were great artists who used body movement and facial expressions to tell their story's. also, Chaney used unique makeup to disguise his every appearance. you dont see anyone attempting to do that today! No, they rely on digital effects that do not even come close to what Chaney achieved with his makeup kit.
    In the 1930s you had great Gothic and atmospheric films such as, Dracula, Frankenstein, and the invisible man, but these films were not just horror films, but character peaces that reflected the human condition. Later you had such films as Gone with the wind, and later Casablanca. both of these films were true master peaces that could never possibly be matched. also, Vivien Leigh gave an excellent performance as Scarlett. she in my opinion, is still the greatest actress who ever lived. how many actress today do you think could give such a performance? none come to mind if you ask me.
    Later on in the 50s you had method actors like marlin Brando, and Vincent price. And even Marylin had a better acting ability then most actresses today. films such as some like it hot, really did show off her talent. plus the rest of the cast was fantastic! Some like it hot in my opinion is the greatest comedy ever made. it had danger, laughs, and most of all it never got vulgar or stupid like the movies today. In the 60s you had such films as the birds, and everything Alfred Hitchcock had to offer. he was a true visionary. he took what one could do with camera angles to a whole new level. you dont see any uniqueness when it comes to cameras today. You also had the James bond series, starring Sean Connery. he truly was the greatest bond, and recent bond women fail to compare to the ones he had. except for maybe vesper in casino royle, one of the few good movies of the 21st century.
    In the 70s you had such films as the Godfather, jaws, and star wars. i will admit that even though star wars in itself was a good film trilogy, i think it sparked the demand for high visual effects which lead to lack of story in recent years. that is just a little theory of mine. In the 80s you had Indiana Jones, a film that used real stunts and real explosions unlike most films today. plus Indiana Jones did a good job of letting the action help the story. not just action for the sake of it.
    After the 80s film began to decline with the rising of the computer and a new generation. dont get me wrong, their have been a few select films that i consider to be worthy made in recent years. The lord of the rings for example. It did a perfect job of mixing digital effects with story. one of the best film trilogy's ever made! King Kong also was good. even though it is perceived as a blockbuster, Batman begins and the dark knight truly have done something amazing and deep with the batman legacy.
    Besides that their hasn't really been a film that has stuck with me,Especially in the past four or five years. I thought Avatar was overrated! harry potter, while all right, overrated! and i have had enough with these stupid action movies that have no plot! almost every movie is like that now and i am sick of it! there is no creativity in the film industry anymore. You want to know what my theory is? I think Hollywood used to make good films because they had to. back in early cinema film makers knew they had to draw in the audience or no one would come. now Hollywood has made so much money they have become lazy. they know that no matter what they put on the screen people will come regardless of what is on it. it is all about what is marketable and not necessarily what is good.
    Now i do think there are a few good actors around, they just cant find proper work because none is available. It is sad that the film industry as become so hollow in recent years. the only good films are the interdependently made ones, but they are difficult to find and rarely promoted. now a day it seems like everything is directed towards tweens! they seem to make up most of the market place now anyway, them and their stupid soccer moms! it is sad but true.
    I think company's need to start putting out older films on Bluray. films that have been stored in small vaults for many years and need life blown back into them. I think some older films that are only available on tap need to be cleaned up and released on Bluray. these pictures deserve nothing more then the best treatment. I think releasing all these stupid new films out on Bluray is waste of time and money. Well, i hope you enjoyed my assessment of all things concerning film!
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    Ronald Epstein
    Hello Joseph!

    First, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our
    small corner of the movie universe.

    Reading your thoughts, I couldn't help but thinking what a
    perfect candidate you are for our forum. We have so many
    fans of classic film here that you are going to fit in very well
    with our group.

    Head on over to the Blu-ray area and jump into the conversation.

    I agree with you about needing more classic film on Blu-ray.
    Warner Bros. seems to be doing the best job of putting the
    essentials out on the format. Unfortunately, times have changed
    and there is not a huge market for classic film anymore. For
    that reason, many of the greats still sit in vaults or have been
    pushed to smaller labels for release. Some go directly to archive
    collections which are manufactured in limited runs on DVD.

    Hope to see you in other parts of the forum. Give me a yell
    if you need anything.
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    Sam Posten
    Welcome aboard! And ditto ron's comments!
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    Steve Tannehill
    Welcome to HTF, Joseph!
    I enjoyed your assessment of all things film.
    Personally, I think there are some good movies these days, and good directors. Scorsese is brilliant. So is Spielberg.
    Have you seen Minority Report? Even with visual effects, and even though it stars Tom Cruise, the story holds up. One of the reasons the movie worked so well for me was because it was near-term science fiction.
    Avatar may be overrated, but it brought back quality 3D to the movies. I believe Avatar will be a huge seller when it is released for general consumption on 3D blu-ray, just as I hope that classic 3D like Dial M for Murder and Creature From The Black Lagoon will usher in the release of more Golden Age 3D on blu-ray.
    And I think the Harry Potter saga is fine, although the books (which I reread over three weeks earlier this year) are better. I give the filmmakers credit for keeping the same screenwriter and cast through all eight movies.
    But classics are few and far between. The only titles that come to mind that are coming to blu-ray are Singin' in the Rain and the Universal Monsters Collection. And Lawrence of Arabia is coming, we just don't have the release date yet.
    Anyway, we're glad you are here!
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    I'm kinda partial to that Tarantineo guy!

    Looking forward to hearing more frm you, Joseph! Welcome!

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