My Tempest 128L Project (pics)-- w/ measurements FINALLY!

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    Dunno how many care but I finally finished my Tempest tonight and did some measurements. IT's a 128L sealed design (250w PE). 1.5in walls, first layer is MDF- 2nd layer is soft wood (pine), then internally braced "moderately" with mdf. I'm absolutely impressed with this design. I could not be happier. My last sub was a KSW-12- I could sense quite a bit of boost in the mid 30s.
    Today was the first time to get the sub "in house." After 3hrs of calibration and adjustiments I got a relatively flat response down to around 22-23hz. BUT to my surprise I pulled a 108 db @ 27hz and 101.5db @ 20hz. These were taken with a room of 1780cf with a hallway opening (apartment).
    However I'm most excited about the sound of the sub! Its so articluate and accurate (it's what DAN uses [​IMG]) I did the measurements to see how I compared to my friends 'digm Servo 15. The sub is very tight, very punchy, very relaxed, very "musical", very low and very deep- did I cover all the cliche' sub terms? It does sound great for music crossed at 70hz and is even more amazing for .1 LFE movies. I guess I'm are the pics for it.
    There are two pages- click the page tab for the 2nd page.
    BTW- I used the H/K 3470 for testing with objective musical scores. This HK is 100x2 and purely analog with NO video involved. Amazing 2 ch receiver- sounds like a pair of Parasound monoblocks.Click here for page 1
    click here for page 2- DON'T forget to say HI to KAISER!!!
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    I really like the look of your sub. I just finished my own 142L Shiva. Instead of completely covering in pine, i painted the MDF satin black and added 2.5" wide pine trim pieces to all of the edges. I stained the pine with some left over Minwax "Golden Oak" that had been in my basement for about 10 years and i don't think i could be happier with the results... well I might have been happier with a less knotty wood, but the pine was cheap and in stock at my local lumber yard.
    Did you stain or just a sealer of some sort? Either way it looks great. I'm sure it sounds great too. I've only done basic calibrations to mine. I'm hoping to pick up an EQ for mine sometime soon so i can flatten out my room response. That said, Actually have higher SPLs at 16hz than I do at 25hz. Either way, I'm elated with the sound even as it is.
    I'll try to get some pictures up soon. Congrats on your sub, it looks great and i'm sure it sounds amazing [​IMG]

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