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    Mar 22, 2002
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    hi, i just joined this forum today. i have always wanted a really great home theater and i decided that i would try to get a good one used through ebay.

    so far i have won:

    sony gx 800 es receiver

    sony gx 807 es receiver

    1 pair dcm time frame 500's

    1 pair magnepan smga's

    1 pair bertagni flat panel electro acoustic #sm200

    1 audio source 20 band per channel eq

    what i have:

    1 pair dcm kx10 series 1

    1 powered dcm sub

    6 piece jbl set with 5 sats and a powered sub

    sony dvd player

    sony vcr

    sony tv tuner

    sony 27 tv

    2 sony six disk cd players

    what do you think the best set up would be?

    i plan on have a HT and a system just for music

    i will be using the HT in a spare betroom with 10 foot ceilings

    is their anything else you would recemend me getting?
  2. ColinM

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    Dec 9, 2001
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    Holy capacitors BATMAN!

    Thats quite a list.

    It sounds like you have 2 complete sets to mix and match. I'd just have to say go for it and swap something out once a week to see what changes.

    Good luck!

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