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My sonosub is complete! (1 Viewer)


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Mar 12, 2001
It's finally done!
I started last Saturday with some shopping, and put the finishing touches on yesterday morning. Unfortunately, since I was using my Dad's workshop, and my apartment is currently being packed for a move, I won't be able to listen to the sub for a few weeks, but I'm itching for it!
The Shiva driver is in an EBS alignment, in a 18" tube with a full length 4" diameter PNR Aeroport. This should tune the sub to just under 20 Hz. I will post pictures and testing details in a few weeks time.
A big thanks goes out to the DIYers here who helped me with questions and problems before and during the construction. I consulated Patrick Sun's and Dustin B's websites extensively. In addition, if you happen to have a DIY sub website up (sonosub or traditional), I probably read through it too.
Dan Wiggins of Adire Audio was a great help, as was Bob Reimer, who is the Canadian Adire dealer.
A special thanks goes out to Dustin for giving me the initial push. I wrote him an email asking about the Paradigm PDR-10, and here I have my own DIY sub a few months later.
I still have 8' of sonotube, a couple of T-nuts, and a half tube of caulking left, I wonder what I should do with all that... :)

Dustin B

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Mar 10, 2001
A few weeks. Damn that takes will power. I won't last an evening little lone several weeks before I'd drag a receiver and a couple speakers out just to hear the thing.
And didn't you know, you don't get any cudos until we see pics ;)

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