My setup needs surround system... THX or no?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mitchel_K, Nov 9, 2006.

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    I'm looking to compliment my TV Sony 60" A2000 with a surround system. My space is a room about 14' wide and 18' long with 9' ceilings and very hard (tile) floors. There is no back wall rather it just opens to another part of the house. I'm not a person who needs to play movies at defaning reference levels. I do have neighbors and would rather not upset them. I was looking at something like the Def-Tech Pro Cinema 1000's Which is not a bad price around $1600. But I have recently been made available a NEW set to "top of the line" Klipsch THX 7.2 speakers for a little more than double the cost of the Def-Tech Procinemas. I'm afraid the Klipsch speakers are overkill for my needs, but i was thinking that I could only run 1 of the 2 subs and lose the 2 rear channels. Maybe even sell them to offset some of the additional cost. Would I be stupid to pass up the Klipsch speakers? Is it too much speakers for me since I only run moderate volume levels? All opinions welcome! Thanks!

    edit... the Klipsch Speakers I'm looking at are the Ultra2's: 3 KL-525-THX clrs, 4 KS-525-THX surrounds, 2 KW-120-THX subs, and 1 KA-1000-THX Amp

    A Pic on what I got to work with... Note the 2 windows in the way. Was going to mount the por cinemas on the wall space between the tv and the window. Not even sure where I can fit the 16x12 klipsch speakers asthetically. Also we are having a built in built to fill the hole. so the center speaker would not be a problem.
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    Personally I think 2 Subs would be a waste of money and THX adds only more $$$ on top of the speakers.
    Listen to them with your ears and don't worry about the stupid licensing agency.
    Good Luck!
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    I'll be honest with you, I don't like the ProCinemas, but that is my personal taste.

    The windows aren't a big problem, you can still put some bookshelf speakers on stands or towers in front of them - most are not so tall that they will cover them up significantly. Adding some actual fabric curtains will likely benefit your sound as well as light control in your room.

    What exactly do you want to spend I guess is the real question?

    No, THX does not simply add to the cost either - THX cert speakers are designed to work a very specific way. THX doesn't benefit you unless you have a THX receiver and a room that allows for proper setup (in other words, a dedicated, closed room). In most cases, it isn't going to be worth it.

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