My Saran Wrap is a teenager..

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    This is meant to be a household tip.
    Sometime in the 1970s I acquired a commercial role of Reynolds 915 film, known to most of us as Saran Wrap (the Dow brand).
    It was very handy.
    The usual grocery store size of this that you find in many kitchens can be a little awkward to use. Three hands would be helpful when you want a sheet of the stuff.
    With the big roll (mine is 18"x3000') it's so heavy you don't need to hold the container, you couldn't if you wanted to. So, you've got two hands to pull out however much wrap.
    Knowing it would last a LONG time I printed the date on the end of the box of my next role. It just turned 13.
    It's getting near empty but it's hard to guess when the end will come so the next role has been waiting on the pantry floor for several months. The new kid is called "Foodservice Film" and came from Sam's Club.
    The pantry is key to this of course, you've got to have dedicated shelf room for one of these monsters.
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    The Fugs once recorded a song called "Saran Wrap" in which teenagers used Saran Wrap in a new and interesting manner.
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    *Kim Novak points to roll of saran wrap*

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