My room is 10.5x40x7

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  1. Mickey Brown

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    Feb 4, 2001
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    I'm finishing up the basement for a nice place to watch movies and listen to music. With my room being a huge rectangle, I'm wondering if I should drywall half of it off.

    Anyone have a very long room? I imagine that sonically it would have to be better than the hugely open spaced room I have now.

    btw, the room is 11 ft by 40 ft...

    7 feet high
  2. Dave Poehlman

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    Mar 8, 2000
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    11' X 40' !?! Wow... personally, I would look into building a bowling alley down there. [​IMG]
    Well, if you want to split up standing frequencies as much as possible... I would wall it off to the Golden Mean (1:1.618) at about 11' X 17'. But, that doesn't leave you much space.
    If that's too small, you could go 11' X 27.5' (1:2.5)
    Or, you could just go with whatever size you want and add acoustic treatments after the fact.
  3. Keith_C

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    Jul 26, 2001
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    I agree with the use of the golden mean.

    I took it one step further and ran these dimensions in RPG's room optimizer. Here are your results (assuming you are using this space for a 5 channel system with dipole surrounds)

    Listener and Loudspeaker cordinates:

    Listener position(10'10.3",5'6",3'8.9")

    Front stereo left(4'6.8",8'2",1'9")

    Dipole surround left(10'10.3",4'6")

    Front stereo right(4'6.8",9',1'.9")

    Center front(3'7.9",5'6",1'9")

    Dipole surround right(10'10.3",10'8",6')

    Subwoofer placement(assuming location is to be constrained to the front wall area:

    subwoofer (2'2.1",9'4.5",2'2.9")

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