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My review of SVS 20-39 CS+ with 1000 watt! (1 Viewer)


Nov 20, 2001
I just purchased a SVS 20-39CS+ w/Samson 1000 watt amp. I orginally had a Velodyne CT-120. When I first hooked (before calibration) it up and took a listed I was not impressed like everybody was talking about in this forum.
Packaging? Packaging of the sub was first rate. I realized how much effort was put into the box when I opened it for the first time. The amp was also packaged very well and everything was in perfect condition (as it should be), but you can never trust UPS.
Hooking it up: I read the directions to the T and it was so easy that my wife could do it. She is not a huge fan of my hobby. I like that you can use speaker wire to hook the sub to the amp. The reason is that you can move the sub anywhere you want. Nice job Tom!
Movies Before calibration and actual placement the sub is not that much better than my Velodyne. After calibration? WOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! This sub really shines and I demoed about 10 movies this past weekend. I put in the Haunting and holy crap! I have never heard or felt bass like that before. This is the only DVD where the clip light flickered (for a 1/4 of second), it stays mostly on the -20dB level. Then I put Jurassic Park III and another Wow!!! When T-rex and the other big one fights or walks, the bass is simply amazing. Overall, movies is where this thing shines. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :)
MusicAnother area were the sub rocks. Bass is clean and tight. It never seems to be over-bearing or fatiguing to your ears. Overall, nice addition for my wife's musical tastes.
Overall: This sub just keeps rocking and does not disappoint. The bass is amazing but what really gets me is what you feel. My old Velodyne does not come close in this department. Actually most subs do not even come close to putting out the sound pressure that the SVS can. My friends are dying to come over and hear this thing. I told them to get ready to hear/FEEL some bass.;)
Thanks Tom and Ron for all your help with my constant emails. Your work will never go unappreciated on this forum and I now know why. This sub rocks!
My system:
front speakers: Polk RT800's (bi-amped)
center: CS400 (bi-wired and speaker wire is sent to amp)
rear: RT55's (hooked up to receiver)
rear center: RT35's (hooked up to receiver)
SVS 20-39CS+ w/Samson 1000watt amp (samson set to 0db)
Everything is set to small;
-Denon 3801 receiver
-Harmon Kardan 2.1 (5 channel amp...100 watts...high current)
-Pioneer DV-525 DVD player (will upgrade when there will be a digital connection (not 5 analog interconnects..too many damn interconnects) for SACD and DVD-Audio.))
-Audioquest interconnects and speaker wire.
-36" TV that is VE calibrated (will be upgraded when everybody figures what is the standard for HD)
Room size is 23x11x8.


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 16, 2001
As always I love hearing SVS stories. It brings you back to the day you got home and saw dual SVS25-31CS+'s w/Sampson1000 amp stacked in the living room. Then after everything is set up you marvel at the new results your HT has accomplished. Thanks for another reminiscent memory...and great review :)

Bob Saylor

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 8, 1999
After you've had your subs awhile, maybe you'll overhear your wife bragging to her friends about how you can "feel" the sound.
Mine hated to admit to me that it was neat but she's always having me give demos to her friends.
Heck, I'll never get over enjoying my subs. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. Congrats!!:)

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
A fun demo I have done to everyone in my family is in a music track during fantasia. It's the firebird suite, 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the track there's silence and pleasant "green meadow" music. Then suddenly there's a huge bass and violin hit that scares the listener.
It made me jump in my seat when I first heard this so I had to do it to everyone I could that doesn't have a heart condition. It has caused all of my friends and family to jump and it made my mom scream.
I know I'm evil :)

Bhagi Katbamna

Supporting Actor
Jun 1, 2000
That scene in Fantasia reminds me of an ulcer the way that it suddenly bleeds(lava). That is a fantastic DVD with great classical music.

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