My review of 53TW53 -vs- 50LC13

Discussion in 'Displays' started by KevinFord, Oct 29, 2003.

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    I was just at a buddy's house who was gracious enough to let me come over and have a good look at his 50LC13. Here are the results of my findings. Somebody might find my thoughts useful. Part of the reason I put this out here is so if somebody has an explanation of where I might be wrong, I'd like to hear about it.

    The first thing I noticed was that it didn't reflect much light (from the room) at all: Advantage, 50LC13.

    I'm not sure if the excellent reflective property is because the screen has no screen shield and therefore is vulnerable, IF this is the case: Advantage 53TW53 or 50LC13 (depending on perspective and priority).

    The dvd image (I quickly reviewed The Gladiator) on the 50LC13, in my opinion, was not comparable at all to the picture quality on the 53TW53, in fact, it was so inferior to the CRT-Proj model I was really quite amazed: Advantage 53TW53

    The HD image appeared to be quite good on both sets, however, the black level, regardless of picture settings, is disturbingly low (but I am quite certain that any viewer would get used to and accept this). It's a tough call, but because of the contrast available on the CRT-proj set, I would have to rule this: Advantage 53TW53

    The 50LC13 is 83 pounds, the 53TW53 is approx 230 pounds. Part of this weight is the six speakers (60W) in the set that is much better than the speakers included in the 50LC13, but who uses the speakers in these big TVs anyway? I've never even heard mine... never even hooked up an audio cable to the TV... Never will: Advantage, 50LC13

    The 50LC13 requires a table, or some sort of stand (Panasonic sells a matching one for $350) as it is too short for viewing, out of the box. The 53TW53, of course, has speakers under the screen and requires no stand or additional furniture: Advantage 53TW53

    50LC13 has a VGA input so a computer can be plugged in and I have seen it working. I have pretty good vision and could not make out the text under around 25% of the icons on Windows desktop (from approx 8-9 feet), but overall, it's a decent picture. I wouldn't use it this way, as the sharpness just isn't enough for my taste (compared to my laptop screen or monitor), but I am sure SOME people would be inclined to do this. Bottom line is that if you want to use it as a PC monitor, you can: Advantage 50LC13

    Cabinet design of the 50LC13 was very elegant and generally a nice design. So is the design of the 53TW53, which I believe to be one of the better looking cabinets out there for RPTV: It's close to a draw, but I'd have to go: Advantage, 50LC13

    I'm not really sure the WHOLE TRUTH on this, but from all that I hear, there is (at least) far less risk of burn-in with the LCD-proj set: Advantage, 50LC13

    I don't know how much the bulb for the 53TW53 costs, but I heard the one for the 50LC13 is around $400. I also don't know the specs on expected life of the bulb, but this should probably be a consideration when buying one of these models.

    50LC13 has 4 component video inputs. 53TW53 has only 2. Until I have a receiver that switches component video: Advantage 50LC13

    XBox. I played a bit of Splinter cell. I adjusted the picture settings, on BOTH the TV, and the XBox Game Settings, to high contrast, played with brightness, it's impossible to get black to look black. In a lot of games, like Blinx for example, this would not be an issue at all. For a game like Splinter Cell, which is mostly played in the dark, or a game like Silent Hill, this would be a big negative in my opinion. Also, because ALL of my games are not in HD, the screen door effect was HUGE. When the character was squatting, and breathing in and out, his arm, which was on an angle, instead of being a smooth line, looked like an escalator. The pixels were huge and very visible. Every line I saw that was not straight up and down, or side to side, was extremely jagged. This appears to be the high quality of the LCD projector showing the flaws in the detail of the source images, but it doesn't do that on the 53TW53, so whatever the reason: Advantage 53TW53 [big advantage]

    Price. 50LC13 is $1000 more than 53TW53. Advantage 53TW53
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    Interesting comparison, but some things are non-issues so there would be no advantage either way. It would have been better if the crt unit was properly calibrated and ditto for the LCD unit. Without this, your crt unit might be severely out of focus and you do not realize it.

    Both units can have computers hooked up. The crt just needs a transcoder

    YOu will likely have noticed that the CRT has more uneven focus than the LCD ... and ditto for the brightness.

    The LCD has better geometry and convergence and no warm up time.

    CRT's cost about $400 each ... but if the set is well looked after, it should last well over 10 years.

    The bulbs in the LCD RPTV's tend to be in the 8000 hour range.

    An interesting comparison none the less.

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    The 53TW53 has a DVI input which you could use for Computer connection.

    And I would assume that that would be a higher quality input since its digital and not analog like VGA.

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