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Stunt Coordinator
May 22, 2003
I've posted a few times in the last couple days, mainly because I am very excited about my new system but also worried that I am not getting the most out of it....A lot of you have replied giving me great advice and I thank you. I mainly want to make sure that I have everything set up properly. I have my rear speakers sitting atop two sanus stands that I bought, and the front speakers and center speaker are on top of my entertainment center. I tried The Matrix last night to tell the difference in sound quality and even checked my settings on my dvd to check that i had dts and dolby digital enabled which it said i did, but the guy that put it together for me didnt really know too much about the optical cables..i asked if i had the necessary wires and such to enable dts and dolby digital and he said he didnt plug anything into the optical ports....im going crazy wondering if the sound coming out is just too loud, or if it is the dts and dolby digital sound coming out, cause i wanna blow my head off and have rear effects zinging past my ears, etc....overall, i want the best audio possible for the system i bought, and want to know what to do to get the best audio out of the movies i watch without taking all the wires out and starting over....part of me wants to leave the sound where it is since everything is hooked up and ready to go, but there is a part of me that wants to dissect it all to make sure i can get dts and dolby digital decoders to work....thanks

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003
as long as you have your dvd player dd 5.1 dts enabled and have it connected to your receiver via optical cable or coaxial, you should be fine.

if you want to enhance the performance use thicker gauge speaker wire and calibrate your sound levels with a spl meter and dvd calibration disc.

Lew Crippen

Senior HTF Member
May 19, 2002
Jay, I am not familiar with the RCA HTIB, so it might be a bit presumptuous for me to comment, but this HITB has a separate DVD player and receiver, you might need to check that they are connected by either a coaxial cable connection or an optical connection (as Myo suggests). Then make sure that your receiver understands which input is associated with your DVD player (my receiver has one coax and two optical inputs for example). You may also have to select either DD or DTS on your DVD player (they don’t all automatically send out the bit stream that you want).

In my view, neither Dolby nor DTS is always the best choice. It depends on the DVD. Of course, you may decide that you like one or the other the best (there have been many threads on this forum, where advocates passionately state their case). But it is your preferences that matter the most.

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